Affordable 300b Replacements

The time has finally come to replace the stock Shuguang 300b-98s on my Triode Corp. trv-a300se and I'm hoping to get some suggestions for affordable (<$300/pr.) replacements. I listen to all styles of music but particularly modern electronica, rock and alternative. Any suggestions on what might work well with these types of music? I've been looking at the usual suspects--EH gold grids, JJs, Psvane hifi series, Shuguang 300b mesh plate, or Gold Lions (tho a bit over budget)--but with no way to demo. Thanks to all for your help.
I used the JJs with great success. No longer own that unit. Sounded best with Black Treasure 300Bs though.
For $300 you can get a pair of black treasures from ive bought from them before without issue.
I don't have any recommendations, but be careful with some of these newer 300B tubes. Some of them draw a lot more amperage for their filaments, than the real original 300B design tube did. Some have other specs that may not work in your amp either. A lot of amps can't handle some of the new 300B tubes. If you find a new tube that draws more than 1.2 filament amps, check to find out if your amp can run them.

I guess they don't have standards like they did in the tube only days. I think these new (different spec) 300B tubes should have a different number, since they are different. Just a heads-up. A link to an article about this. []
In your stated price range if you can find black treasure tubes they`ll outperform the others on your list. They also conform to the Western Electric 300b spec standards. It`s a touble free tube, I used mine quite heavily nearly every day for close to 3 years,not a single issue.I`ve since bought the Takatsuki 300b but the BTs are still working just fine.
Good Luck,
Thanks for all the info. I did try the black treasure cv181s in the amp as 6sn7 replacements but felt the top was a bit rolled off so was hesitant about replacing the 300b tubes with the same brand. I'm drawn to the JJs as they've been described as "lively" which is what I'm looking for.