Advice wanted

I am looking to set myself up with a decent system now that I have moved continents and city (I am on an overseas posting).

I am looking at the following two possible combos but would be very grateful for any help on making the right decision.

My options are:

Combo 1:
Wadia 830 Cd player
Krell KSA 50s or KSA 300s power amps
Aragon 18K pre-amp

Combo 2:
Gamut CD-1
VTL MB 250 power amps
VTL TL 5.5 pre-amp

(Incidentally, the above two combos can be mixed ie Wadia with VTL.)

I have left my speaker options open at the moment as I am still looking around for a good deal.

In terms of my musical inclinations, it is very wide, from sould, funk, rock, metal, R'n b, Hip-hop, Brian Eno ambient releases etc.....its very wide and general......I like to have a warm, rounded sound with excellent detailing and imaging presence...

Both combos are available to me at very very good prices and I am not going to upgrade for a few years at least. So I need to make the right choice.

Also, I will be returning to the UK at the end of next year and I need to make sure that the set I have will be serviceable there.

So many questions, need lots of help, gratitude all around!!!
I would pick speakers first and find amplification to get the best out of the speakers chosen. If you do it your way, my suggestion is Krell, since it can probably drive the proverbial brick. The VTL preamp seems more attractive to me, for very fuzzy reasons I must add. I have never heard the Gamut player but the reviews are very positive and the price quite decent if one believes the level of sound quality the rags are touting. Make sure that the units can be made to operate at the different voltages found either side of the great pond. Good luck.
I am not sure what your budget is, but if you are doing digital only system take a listen to the new Audio Synthesis DAX Discrete Variable designed and manufactured in the UK. Skip the preamp and go direct to your amp. Obviously you need to figure out what your speakers are going to be before deciding on an amp. The Audio Synthesis is incredible.
I'll second the consider skipping the pre-amp suggestion.
For one reason or another my pre-amp needed some TLC. While it was at the "spa" I borrowed a friends Canary Island Audio VPC.1 volume control.
The pre-amp has since been sold and I bought the VPC.1.
The only down is no remote, but in my house it's only three or four paces to the unit and I'm not to the point of total laziness... yet.
I would settle in on my speaker choice first and then get an amp that can do the job. Your choice of speaker will dictate amp needs. This may also save you some $$ in the long run as there is no shortage of good amps out there.
Add another vote for deciding on your speakers first, based on your listening preferences, room, and budget, and then working backwards from there to find the best compatible amplification and source. Audition for yourself if you possibly can. Having said that - and with no authority whatsoever to back me up in this judgement - I would guess (based on reputation, not direct experience) that combo #2 would maybe slightly better fulfill your stated preference for a "...warm, rounded sound with excellent detailing and imaging presence." Just a guess, though, as they all sound like fine choices...
Thank you everyone for kind words of advice.

I auditioned the Krells yesterday and was blown away! The VTL monoblocks were not what I like to hear but the Krells were just mindblowing!!!

I am unsure about skipping the preamp but I will consider it!

Once again, thank you!

I have been offered Triangle Zephyr speakers and will be listening to them over this weekend. I am almost there!
Glad you found a way to one knows what you like better than you (though I've got to wonder whether the VTL's might have been in need of new tubes and biasing if they were really that unimpressive). Happy listening!
Pbb says it best - pick your speakers first & then build around them.