Advice on speaker cables and power cords please

Hi, since we are building a system almost from sractch. Please share your experience in terms of which speaker cables and power cords will provide synergy to our system.

MC-352, C-2200, B&W N803 (pending purchase),Rega 2K, RGPC 600, AU24 ICs RCA

I am leaning toward AU24 single run w/jumpers but my friend has a similiar system and has good success on MIT shotguns. PC I have mind are Audience for CD player, PS audio for amp and pre. Musics are classical, vocals.

As always, your advices and recommendatins are high appreciated.

If you looking for great neutral sounding cables,I would suggest 3 companies with great products. Ridge Street Audio, Virtual Dynamics and Vh Audio . To me all three sound exceptional and won't add any warmth or brightness to your system. Fortunately Virtual Dynamics and Ridge Street Audio are offerering great discounts at this time. I am currently using Ridge Street Audio "Poeima" series i/c and cords , Virtual Dynamics Nite2 cords and Vh Audio flavor4 P/C cables. All 3 companies offer great value.To me starting with a neutral cable will give you more of what you electronics will and should sound like...Good Luck
before you buy any long term solution cables, buy the anti-cables from paul speltz.

that way, you'll have a cheap reference to see if the high $ solutions are in fact improvements over the ultracheap.