Advice on music source

I keep going and forth on the music source. I recently ordered the 700i amp from simaudio which will be matched up with transmission audio speakers. I also ordered the Stream magic 6 from Cambridge Audio for internet streams. I thought that I was done... not yet. I am now thinking to add a source for higher quality music. I am looking for a single source that being vinyl or a media server. With the server, I can create playlist with high quality music downloaded from the internet. I am not certain if the equipment that I am getting would high light the difference between the server and vinyl.
What do I lose by going the route of the music server? Your input for this would be appreciated. Thank you!
You lose the vinyl experience, sound and selection. Not everything on vinyl can be found in hi res digital downloads, and I have yet to hear any digital that is as satisfying musically as vinyl on a good player. Not that it can't, I just havent heard any. So others may need to chime in.
Try Stravinsky's Rite of Spring done by Benjamin Zander. You can sometimes find it on Amazon, but it is expensive, @ $30 used, and $125 new. The performance is the most dynamic I've heard. Some buffoon has to yell "bravo" before the music fades. That piossed me off.
Thank you everyone; I decided to make the move to vinyl; if fact just this morning I opened the box of about 20 LP's that I have carted with me for over 30 years. They seem to be in good shape. I will need to purchase a good records cleaner.
Thank you for all your comments!