Advice from Maggie users...Please Help

I just took delivery of a pair of 1.6 QR speakers, and I'm looking for some advice from Maggie users. Should I use the spacers to angle the speakers back a bit, or no? Bi-wire, or single wire? Any advice about placement and ideal listening distance? Any thoughts about using acoustical treatments (such as ASC Tube Traps) to damp the rear wave? Anything else you've learned, maybe the hard way? BTW, my room is about 15 x 12 x 8 and I use the speakers along the long wall.Thanks in advance for all the help. Robert.
Your questions and the ability of a search would be best served at the Planar Asylum at - all your questions will be answered...
There is a maggie user site (mug) . You can find all your answers there! Hope this helps. Regards, Bradz