Addition to Redbook player

Using a Byrston redbook source for CD's but needing an update to an aged Panasonic BluRay for that plus SACD and DVD-A. I see many, many posts of paticulars, but tell me - if not considering any upgrade, what may be the most neutral sounding player for under $1K? All along, I've been thinking Oppo . . . struggling between 93 and 95 (the extra cash is a consideration, more so as I listen predominantly to CD and streamed audio).

thanks in advance
In addition to my Proceed redbook transort, I'm using a older OPPO HD981 for DVD-A and SACD's. It's pre-Blu-Ray. My 981 "died" after 8 years - and OPPO just fixed it for 49.00!

I called OPPO about the 95. They said I would not notice a sound quality difference in the digital outs from my 981. That fact led me to upgrade my redbook playback to the matching Proceed PDT-3 transport. At that decision point, a system-matched redbook player won out.

The main difference in the 95 and 93 is 32 verses 24 bit DAC's, power supply, and balanced analog L/R main's OUT. That can make a difference in some systems because the post 32-DAC analog OUT signals will usually sound better than the 93's 24-bit DAC's. In both 2 channel and multi-channel, the 32-bit DAC's should sound better, dependent on the system.

If you're planning on a long term hold for a reference system, the 95 has glowing reviews from "pros'" and owner's. Either will sound great - if you're looking for a great 24-bit player/transport without balanced analog OUT's, the 93 is a outstanding multi-disk player/transport contender.

Either way, OPPO has very respectable service after sales.

Between the two, the least expensive decision to likely meet your needs is a used 93.

I'dd add a note on cables - I went with all matching Mogami Gold cables. Analog, 75 and 110 ohm cables are similiar looking yet clearly marked. They're recording industry "standards" and very fairly priced relative to many cable prices. De-Oxit Gold works great on connections, too.