Adding an IEC outlet to TV set

Has anyone tried taking out the stock power cord from their TV and replacing it with an IEC outlet? I wonder if using a high end power cord would affect picture quality. Seems that any benefits of after market cords would be more apparent on a TV than on audio gear.
There was a thread on this subject a while back. Do a search.
Jay it should help, just as an AC conditioner should, but to find out for sure here's a quicky test you could try. Cut your stock line cord close to the back panel (within ~6"). Attach your chassis-mount IEC to the pigtail using crimp-on fastons, then try your upgrade cords into that. If that is successful, then you know what to do. Go inside the back panel, mount that IEC, & run quality wire the rest of the way in. If the test proves to be no improvement, then you either completely replace the original AC wire with zip cord again, or use butt connectors or solder-splice & heat shrink the junction reattaching the original wire.
I did what you said and cut the stock cord on my TV. I tried an Electra Glide cord out and it works great. The image is much more pleasing and there is less graininess in the video. A nice tweak for video quality. Sure, the cord costs as much as some peoples TV sets, but it works!

I don't think I will punch a hole in the back panel on my TV. I'm just going to use the stub of the stock cord soldered to an IEC male connector. I'll probably do too much cosmetic damage trying to punch out a hole on the back panel.
Very interesting Jay thanks for posting your results. For quite awhile I have been considering experimenting with the same idea that I had suggested to you (which you have just successfully implemented). So now I'll just go ahead & do a complete installation instead. Thx again!