Add your knowledge to the Wikipedia

It's just in the past year that I started really looking into hi-fi (or mid-fi) audio. In that short time I've enjoyed its results but also seen some of the barriers that keep people going to Best Buy--not just the monetary price of entry but the informational price. A lot of people don't have the time to do the research, and there's no good single place to find that info.

Now I know people could argue to the end of time about which equipment is better. I'm really talking about a basic lexicon to help newbies like myself understand how audio works. Reading about features in magazine reviews does very little good if you don't know what a crossover, oversampling, a DAC actually is.

The Wikipedia would be a great place to share that knowledge. Anyone can add information to the Wikipedia, and I know there's a goldmine of great info here at Audiogon. Want to help people discover the world of audio? Help them learn about it.

Here's the Wikipedia's present entry for "Compact Disc player":

"A compact disc player or CD player is an electronic device to play audio from compact discs.

CD players can be found in home stereo systems, car audio systems and personal computers, and are also available as portable devices.

Some equipment that can play CDs can play other formats as well, such as DVD, CD-ROMs with audio files on them, and video CDs.

DJs often use pitchable CD players that can change the beat frequency.

CD Changers
A CD changer is a cd player that accepts multiple cds, commonly 3 or 5."

Pathetic, huh? I don't work for the Wikipedia or anything. I could just use the help!