Adagio Audio cables

Does anybody tried Adagio Audio cables?
These are handcrafted in Germany and speaker cables looks really untypical very flat and wide. There is no press reviews of any kid for their products but I have heard enthusiastic opinion from reliable audiophile who tried many other much more priced brands.

Any thoughts?
Any price quotes you are aware of?
Suggested retail prices for Generation 2 cables are following:

Interconnect RCA 1m: 1990 Euro
Interconnect XLR 1m: 2400 Euro
Interconnect Phonoreference 1.2m: 1600 Euro
Spekearcable generation 2m: 1800 Euro
Digital cable 1m: 990 Euro

No power cords in current production.
As I expected, anything out of Germany is going to cost an arm and a leg. And possibly a chin. You have to wonder if that is due to "appropriate" pricing estimates for that product..OR, the ability to charge higher prices due to an "altruistic" representation of quality stemming from that part of the globe. View the thread in the AMP section discussing Solution products and the like. I know better than to discuss my opinions in that thread. There are alot of delicate feetsies one can trample on over there.
I use the Generation 2 IC and SC cables since six month...I have tried before a lot of "winner cables", but this cable replaced any other cables I used before and I know, that I am not the only high end maniac how is going this way.
Air,more live, transparent, but not so thin and cool like a Vallhalla. These cable is really unbeliveable, if it possible, give them a try. The director from Adagio Audio is very helpfull and friendly.
...sorry for my english...
I used the Generation 2 SC and IC since six month. It has replaced many other "winner cables"!
More air , more "live", transparent but not so thin and cool like a Vallhalla (IMO). I know that I am not the only one High End maniac how go the this way! When its possible for you, give them a try. The Adagio Audio director is very helpfull and friendly...
..sorry for my english...
Can you tell what wires you have auditioned before Adagio Audio?
I used before so many different cables like:

NBS Omega 2 and Monitor 0 IC & SC
Kubala Fascination SC
Synergistic Designer IC
Nordost Vallhalla SC
HMS Grand Finale MKII IC & SC

You cant go wrong with Adagio cables, you must belive only your ears, not names and brands...
These cables are really amazing, I have started with the Generation 2 IC, put them between my amplifier and CD Player ( all Germand handcrafted "Symphonic Line") and NEVER replaced them. Such a big step that I never heard before! Later I bought the Generation 2 SC and also NEVER replaced them. I used for the moment Kharma 3.2 speakers,before Avalon and Ayre electric. My friend also have the Generatio 2 for the Thiel 2.4 with the same "feeling"!
I hope my words are helpfull, when you have any question please feel free to asked me.
From manufacturer specification it seems that Adagio uses gold in their interconnects. I am curious if it is pure gold or rather gold plating over other material. It is also interesting what other conductors are mixed.
I am very curious in comparison between Jade Audio interconnects and those from Adagio Audio but probably it would be hard to find anyone who compared them as both companies are rather exotic.
You have the possibility to test in yours Hifi-arrangement the cables. I think this the best possibility is to be found out harmonising as well the cables with your components. You have 14 days of money back guarantee.

Best Regards
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