Acoustic Energy AE 1 s


Just wondering what are the best amps to go with a pair of Acoustic Energy AE 1's they are fast 'lil speakers with an open treble albeit with limited bass.

Someone suggested Krell but that's expensive. How would the CJ's go with it ie. the lower end ones.

I'm using a Classe CA-100 on my AE's with good results. IMHO, the amp has a just slightly soft top end. A good match for the AE tweeter which is just slightly hot sounding without loss of detail. The amp has enough current to drive the speakers as loud as I've dared to push them. Good bass. Much better in all respects compared to my previous amps: B&K ST-140 and Adcom GFA-545.
i had ae-1's that i drove with a bridged pair of rowland model 1's. these speakers can take all the power you can throw at 'em. they will not sound bright unless you use strident amps. hence i would avoid krells. but that's my prejudice showing, too. when i owned mine, i used a cj pv-10 as a pre. i thought it a wonderful combo.
Do you think an integrated is sufficient? Was thinking of a Mark Levinson 383, CJ, Jeff Rowland Concentra or Classe? Was originally thinking of a Krell but will give it a miss after Cornfedboy's comments.
i am partial to electrocompaniet for solid-state amps - yust happen to have an aw100 f/s too... ;~) 100wpc into 8 ohms, 190 into 4 ohms, class-a, >80 amps current. selling cuz it ain't bridgeable, & i am going to run a pair of electro amps in bridged-mono fashion...

electro amps are not as bloomy as toob-amps, but they are warm, while still maintaining all of solid-state's typical wirtues of transparency, detail, accuracy, & good bottom-end...