Acoustat electrosts

hey anybody know where i can get my acoustats upgraded? i'm looking for the medallion upgrade and i'd like to get the caps upgraded. i think the panels are ok for now. i have model IIIs - Los Angeles area would be ideal but anywhere that does a good job is ok. rockford isn't doing work on these anymore, by the way.
Don't bother with the Medallion upgrade. Lose the transformers, and seek out a pair of the original Acoustat X Servo tube amps to drive the panels directly. The improvement is staggering. The servo amps can be upgraded significantly with better parts. Ed
I'll look into that but sounds like bucks to me. thanks ed.

oh yeah, one more thing: if i find the amps i still need someone to work on them - any thoughts?
I had a pair of Monitor III's for 20 yrs. Sold them cheap because it had to be local buyer. There were a couple upgrades to that amp, which in itself was an upgrade to the Acoustat-X amp. They involved mostly cap changes, but significantly tightened up the bass. Joe Curcio had an upgrade to the amp years ago but it cost a couple grand, which was out of my league. Acoustat gave up on the servo-charge amps because there wasn't a market for those large tube-driven monster speakers. You might see if would consider looking at the transformers. There might be some other folks with former connections at Acoustat that are still out there....
HEY, me again. Thanks for your responses. Drrasta, i tried musicalconcepts but they wont work on the acoustats. however, I did find someone who came highly recommended over at Rockford so if anyone wants this info email me. he has rebuilt many acoustats and seems to know what he's talking about. also, i have learned of some pretty cool (and expensive) all-silver caps that a guy is using in his rebuilts that he swears by. eddie: i think the servo plan is too expensive for me and i dont hve the space...some day, though.
The going rate for a used pair of Acoustat x's with servo tube amps is 700-1200 bucks. The parts bill for the amp upgrades is about $500.00. The work is easy, but time consuming. Contact me if you locate the amps; I'd be happy to help with the mods list. Good luck! Ed
hey eddie, this solution is interesting now: i didn't realize how cheap the x's were. how much do you think id have to put into mods to get them sounding better than my model 3s would sound with the medallion mod? I have found someone to do that mod for $700 plus maybe 200 for extra stuff i'd supply like cardas wire, silver caps, etc.
Your model 3's will sound better than the x's. The idea is to obtain the tube amps, modify and upgrade them, and connect them directly to your 3's. I have a pair of the amps running Acoustat 8's. It's a wow! Ed