Accuphase Vintage

Hello, I am looking for either high quality adapter or power cable that fits vintage two prong Accuphase gear. I could customize amp by putting in standard 3 prong IEC but would rather not mess with exterior.


Rather have a professional install a new IEC socket in the unit.
Have you tried any 3 pin? I assume that the chassis has a male plug. Some of my Meridian units have a 2 pin plug but I am able to use 3 pin cords with them.
Thanks, to all. I can install an IEC as I have done in the past with other gear, but it would be a conversion that might take cutting or demo work which I want to avoid. Also the two pin is not the standard like a 3 pin. The two connectors are thin parts which are taller.
Apparently,Harmonic-Technology makes an adapter. So perhaps I will custom unit and put IEC in, thanks to all.
Inquire with this eBay seller. He may have what you need.

Good luck.