Accuphase C-27 phono preamp

Looking to get one since the phono plug in is now $7500 (crazy!)

How would you guys rate this one? It looks pretty good to me.
Had mine for close to 3 years now. Sound wise it has a sublime character, not splashy, but very accurate and comes with a very precise soundstage. I have the Allnic 3000 and the Accuphase by comparison is a bit warmer, relaxed and smooth. Highly recommended
Sounds great! I can't wait to audition one (if possible.) Thanks!
Dave, I suspect getting to audition one might be a challenge. A member here had a considerable discussion with me, bought the unit and is very happy. I can't commit that it will be synergistic with your system, but I can say that if you value low noise, precision staging, transparency and accuracy the C-27 is a worthy contender. I like the 3 stage input loading flexibility as well.
Yes, you are correct. I haven't found an Accuphase dealer yet that has one on demo. Ok, cool, your description sounds good. And I will be pairing it with an Accuphase preamp and amp, so no problems there. Anyway, thanks for your reply.