Accuphase A-50v + Accuphse DP-75v : CABLES?????

I am trying to decide on what power cables and single ended interconnects would be an ideal match for my components?? Right now I have FIM Gold power cords and FIM Gold RCA interconnects hooked up to my DP-75v run directly into my A-50V.
I was wondering if anyone had any other experiences / combinations of cables that might mate better with these components??

Thanks - Chris
Is there anything you think is missing? Your using good stuff(not absolute state of the art, but still very nice) and if it ain't broke don't fix it comes to mind- unless you are looking for something in particular. Having owned Accuphase seperates and FIM gold cables(not at the same time) I think that they would complement one another very well. That being said if your looking for a great cable that does everything right(i.e. if you hear something wrong its some where else in your system) look into Jena Labs, I have never heard a system that I didn't like them in.
What loudspeakers are you using? I own the same components although I am using Nordost Quatrofil in between. I have not done much experimentation in power chords. I have a CPCC Model 11 pc on the DP-75V and stock on the A-50V. I am not certain that a piece as well designed as the A-50V benefits from expensive power chords.
Right now I am using Piega P-8ltd speakers BUT I may be switching speakers to a smaller design - The Piega P-8ltds are too big for my 11 X 12 foot room!!
Thanks - Chris
One of our esteemed members prefers & has recommended Tara Labs The One AC cable for A-50V. I've never tried one however.
I still like Synergistic's Designer Reference Squared (X-series is best, but the earlier non-active shielded models also do quite well) with my Accuphase pre & P.A. For signal cables I have Synergistic's Designer Reference X-series interconnects doing a very nice job here.