Any Accuphase Fans here to share experience? Thanks!
Is Accuphase available in your countries?
I have never seen one in person but I have heard there's a couple in New Mexico,YMMV,Bob
Living happy with the C-2810 and the DP-800/DC-801 since
two years ago. Former owner of 2xA-60 and 2xA-45.
tindra, what amp are you using currently?
Xmetal, McIntosh MC-501.....
Any A-65 or P-7100 users here to share? Thanks!
I use P-7100, with C-2410 and DP-700. Great amp, driving B&W 802D with ease in a room approx 40 sq m.
awesome stuff!! hard to go wrong with accuphase gears. A1 service as well
Terrific products.

Very well built and extremely reliable.

No financial interest in the line.
After I tested a lot of others, I think Accuphase devices are one of the best in the world. They are, in terms of quality, stellar sonic performances and reliability, even underpriced - compared to other competitors - who claims double or triple the price and doesn't offer (in most cases) the same quality.
Excellent products. They may seem pricey, but given their top notch sound, build quality and reliability they aren't.

Hi there everyone,

I am looking to buy an Accuphase E-202 for my . If anyone knows who wants to make some quick