About Van den Hul D-300 S cable

Hello folks,

I wonder if you have any experience with the Van den Hul D-300 S cable as speakercable. This is a coaxial cable from the late eighties which has been constructed as an interlink or speakerline according to Van den Hul. In my opinion this cable (as speakerline) sounds very detailed but somehow quite tilt up in the midrange.
Hi, Dazzdax.
I'm 100% wired with VanDenHul. Any different cable I will try let it be more expencive or more fancy it either doesn't improve nor make things worse.
Whenever you're dealing with VanDenHul(directly) #1you'll get the best professional advice from the customer service rep and #2 you'll realize that it's all true.
What I like in particular for VDH is clearest and non-fatiguing highs and extraordinally controlled and tight bass.
I've been changing things arround Nordost, AudoiQuest, Cardas, JPS and AlphaCore. I've made a reasonable conclusion that VanDenHul cables/wires perform mor than 100% from what you've paid for them.