AAD Silver Reference with Transparent Cable?

Hi, everybody,

A week ago I received my new speakers: AAD Silver Reference 1, which are internally cabled with Transparent Cable.

I've been using Nordost Baldur single wire speaker cable and the AAD are bi-wireable. First, I was thinking about Nordost jumpers, but now I am asking if Transparent Cable would be a more natural option. A whole new speaker cable or, at least, a jumper.

Does anyone have an opinion on this? If I go with Transparent Cable which model would be compatible with AAD Silver Reference 1?


My speakers are internally wired with VDH and I am using Cardas GR for speaker cables. I have had good luck with Antipodes Audio silver jumpers, which are $120 with return if not satisfied. Well made and sound better than a large number of others I have tried. Jumpers make a supprisingly large difference.