A lot of Meridian G08 CD players for sale

I was considering moving to a one box CD player to make some room on my rack for a TT. I was strongly considering the G08 but got concerned when so many started to appear on Agon recently. Is it just that there is a large volume in the market place or is there a problem?
Thanks for your thoughts.
The G08 has been superceded by the G08.2. The main difference is that the new version is top loading (I think).

I was thinking of getting a G08 (front loading)to replace my 528.24. But when I compared them, I didn't think the G08 was better overall. The 508 was more transparent and dynamic whilst the G08 had a touch more definition and was a bit smoother. I think the difference comes down to upsampling in the G08 - which has pluses and minuses. I'd recommend getting a 508.24 just because of the price difference.
I have the Meridian G08 since 1 year 1/2 and there is no problem with this CDP. It is my 2nd Meridian, and reliability is perfect for me. The quality of listening is also one of best for the price. You can regard this CDP as being a good choice.