A level-1 mod Jolida JD100 or Arcam FMJ CD23


I am planning to upgrade my old but trusty Nad 541i to
a more sophisticated player. My system is rather on the
warm, musical side of character. My amp is Audio Refinement
and speakers are Spendor S8. I am using Van Den Hull MkIII

I am looking for a CD player that would complement what
I currently have. I am thinking of either a JD100 modded or
an Arcam FMJ CD23. My only reservation with the JD100 is
that it could be a touch warm which might not work well
with my system, where as the CD23 is a lot more neutral
and bright which might be better suited for what I have.

Thanks for your inputs.
I have a level 1 mod from Walter and I am thrilled with the performance. The biggest improvement I noticed was in the mid bass and lower end extension. The sound is warm, yet detailed. The Jolida has a very full range sound with frequency extensions on both ends. This is the closest to analog sound that I have heard from a CD player. To get a more analog sound you will have to get a turntable. I cannot comment on the Arcam, but they seem to make quality components.