811 vs 300B SET amps. Sound differences?

I am debating between two choices. AES offers relatively inexpensive 811 monoblocks and JE Labs 300B monos (from scrath). Also there is a least expensive AES SE-1 300B stereo amp. Than again there is a DRD kit. Exotic 811 sure "sounds" like a nice project?
In case you haven't seen Derek Walton’s JE Labs 300b project. A really excellent presentation of Joseph Esmilla’s (JELabs) SE 300b. Worth the look http://indigo.ie/~walton/300b.html
Deluxe Edition: http://indigo.ie/~walton/300bmk2.html

Doesn't the 811 take a LOT of B+ voltage? Can't remember for sure. It's a consideration.

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Yes, that is the one i had in mind at first. But look at the price tag on Delux parts! Also Check these KR300BXLS based: http://members.home.nl/deckersmoll/
I might contact him?
Hi Eldragon

There area ton of 300b circuits around if you go from scratch. You have probably already seen them but below is a handy collection in one place. Have you made one before? I would suggest doing it on breadboard instead of a chassis at first and then it is easy to change and modify. At least that has been good for me.

*** Cuno’s Triode Page: a nice collection of 300b schematics: http://www.triode.club.tip.nl/

I have a collecion of online tube diy materials that I would be happy to share. If you'd like a copy drop me an email. I would suggest you look at some parafeed for the OP and constant current stuff for loading the tube. It works. I think the circuit/transformer choice is at least as important as the tube. I'm still new and learning though.

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