6 channel amp in a 5 speaker config

I'm using an amp that uses 3 pairs. One pair will be for the mains, 1 pair for the rears and then the next pair for the center. The manual shows the center and the sub being on the same pair to utilize both outputs but I don't have a sub.
Is it ok to just run one channel on this pair or does that create some sort of problem for the amp? If I have to I figure I could bi-amp the center channel and utilize both outputs on this pair.
No problem. I've used several 6channel amps as 5 channel amps with the remaining channel unconnected to anything.
You could always use the 2 channels to bi-amp the center channel!!
I do this with one of my Aragon 8002s..
Just a thought,
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There is nothing wrong with what you want to do. In many cases, you are better off NOT using all the channels on a multi-channel amp, especially if it uses one common power supply. This increases the amount of power available to all of the other channels being used and can result in improved sonics. Sean