45's in George Wright 2A3 3.5's?

Since George is no longer available to ask....
I once heard you could use 45 tubes in these monoblocks but that there was some modification in rectifiers/tubes or resistors required.
Does anyone know for sure. I'd hate to blow anything (especially me) up.
Please share your experience.
2A3s like to see a load of about 3K. 45s OTOH like to see a load of about 8K. So you *can* do it, but to do it *right* you would need to replace the output transformer...
Shoot an email to Roger Hug (a very fine tube repair technician in Seattle) rogerhug@earthlink.net - he is very familiar with George's amps and can probably advise you accordingly.
Very good!
Thank you, gentlemen.
Atmasphere,if you use a 4 ohm speaker tap for a 8 ohm speaker,will the tube see about a 6k load on it?
Yes, it should.
Thanks Atmasphere.