30 ft speaker cables??

I am searching for some new cables to connect my SimAudio i5 to my Dynaudio 3.4s . I know a 30 ft run is fairly long, am I giving up a lot with cables of this length? Also, any recommendations that would be reasonable at this length? The room setup is relatively bright. Thanks for any recommendations.
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Dynaudio strongly recommends the Sumiko Ocos cables. I used them with my previous Dyn's and loved them. The major advantages are that you don't lose any thing sonically even with longer runs, and you can use different lengths going to left and right channels and won't affect anything there either. If you look up the Sumiko website they don't list the cables but if you were to call them (they are in California) you could speak to one of their experts and they would be happy to go into great length (no pun intended) about these cables.

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The Cardas Nuetral Reference is designed for long runs. You might want to watch the room brightness with these though.
I am using Cardas Neutral Ref. with my Dyn Special 25's and the result is fantastic. The Cardas is only 2m long but according to the manufacturer the Ref. cables are the same as long runs. don't have first hand experience with long ones.

Seems to me the conventional wisdom is for shorter speaker cable and longer interconnect.

This is a real coincidence! I have been using a nine meter length of Cardas Neutral Reference cable for years. I am just switching to the Supra Ply 3.4/S speaker wire purchased from www.rangersaudio.com. http://www.jenving.se/

I really can't tell you which is better yet, but I am going to demo them this weekend. I am hoping for more transparency and speed.

They are much less than the $90 per foot for the Neutral Reference (price when I purchased them). The 3.4/S is less than $20 per foot. I couldn't resist this purchase, especially upon reading the website description. After all, this is the company that makes the Supra Sword speaker wire.

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Nordost flatline series...can be "hidden" under carpets, rugs, etc...bulk cable is $3 per ft...sounds great...open,transparent, and very detailed....
If you are willing to try something really inexpensive instead of the megabuck cables, here is one:

Audioquest GR-8 from HCM Audio. It's a 10awg speaker cables. Good sounding and fairly transparent. New 30ft pair is going for $180.

If you really need to buy that long of speaker cables at Cardas Neutral Reference range, I would suggest upgrading to monoblock amps instead and run XLR balanced interconnects from preamp to them. Dynaudio can use the power anyway. In the end, you end up with a better sounding system.