2nd system? Older Carver gear....

Hey folks..in the used market...is Carver a good deal? WHat would be some of their better products? Ct-3 preamp? TUners?
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More a fan of Carver's amps. Having had the CT-17 pre amp tuner, I found to have good sound, just harder to operate in it having very small buttons and hard to see the writing on what button does what. I have two Carver amps, the Cube and the CB-15. They are not my primary amps now, but relundant to sell them, simply because the still sound great. IMO Bob Carver is a true audio hero, and his products sound great and even have that I am proud to own factor.
I agree with Glenfihi. I just replaced my CT7 pre and TFM 24 amp with B&K gear, but I'm finding it hard to let go of them. I may look at the used market and see what they are going for. I bought my Carver gear new in '91 and have never had a problem with them. I think they still sound great, just different than the B&K I bought.
Phase check out my system i've never had a problem with the old Carver gear. I had one of the amps but I dont think it was compatible with my Speakers but hey my friend that sold it to me bought it back for the same price.
Get yourself a pair of Carver Silver 9t monoblocs. Lots of power, good sounding and will drive anything. The C-16 solid state or c-19 tube preamps from Carver are nice too.