240V to 120V Question/Advice Please

My uncle from Asia is moving live in North America.

He's got some nice gear and wondering if his 240V Amp & CD player will work in 110V environment?

I told him it should be OK with a voltage converter/transformer, but I've heard stories of transformers "blowing" after a few weeks of use.

What should I tell him?

The typical USA domestic home outlet current is 15 amps at 120 VAC, so utilizing a step-up transformer can provide a maximum current of 7.4-ish without tripping the breaker. What is his amp's wattage and 50/60 Hz requirements?

As far as blowing a transformer, it's all about sellecting the correct KVA rating. If his amps draws a constant 500 watts at 240 VAC (class-A), look at transformers rated at 1500-1800 watts at 120 VAC. If a class-A/B amp, he can get by with much less.

Just some basics...
Its often not a big deal for a Qualified electrician to install 220 volt circuits in a north american home. Your stove and dryer usualy operate at that voltage as well as most hot tubs and saunas. The hubbell number for hospital grade 220 volt outlets is hbl8400 in brown and hbl 84001 for the ivory 20 amp versions.The orange isolated ground type is #ig5461 and the plugs for the same are hbl8576e in the cool ergo grip yellow.No transformers required. The other thing to look at is that well designed equipment is usualy targeted at both its domestic market and export and will have internal transformer taps. any good technician can set these for the correct voltage.Its worth investigating this first.