100 watts amp suggestion?

I recently contact system audio in Denmark knowing no many us audiophiles know this make!
They replied back advicing me that they suggest the use of a 100 or more watts amp with the monitors SAK2!
I am currently using rega brio R!
I guess 1/2 of that power!
Wondering if you guys can guide me trough the right path!
Thanks a milion!
Rest of my system!
rega RP1
IPOD 160 classic
Wadia i170

Need interconects and speaker wires I am using some 12g from radioshack!
Student budget!

I also need a dac for the wadia!
Need help organizing all this gear and what are the priorities?
The Qinpu A-1.0x integrated amp puts out 100 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 160 wpc into 4 ohms. Its price is low enough to leave over a good part of your budget for a DAC and cables.

One DAC to consider would be the Moon 100D, and good budget cables could come from Atlas ( Element and Compass digital ) or Audiogoner Joe Mazzaglia's Auricle Audio Design ( Encore and Encore Signature digital ).

When you buy your digital cable, no matter which it is, make sure it is 1.5 meters long.

This is a link with speakers specifications, thanks
I have had Creek Destiny integrated with my SA2K Master speakers for a long time, and I ain't looking anywhere else...I'd recommend an audition.