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Oppo BDP-83SE or Sony SCD-XA5400ES?
Did you ever get the Oppo BD83 Mod from Dan?How does it compare?Thnaks 
Has anyone heard the new OPPO BDP-83SE
Hey Guy;Learn any more about this?I have same questionsRegards;WolfieM 
OPPO BDP-83 audio output question
Call the good folks at Oppo & ask them - I'm sure you will get a good answer.You can also Google "oppo bd83 bass management across formats" & see what you find.I don't have a clue - see below for why.If you have (or get) Vandersteen speake... 
OPPO 83SE vs Anthem D1 DACS
AmplusIf I understand you correctly - you r taking 2-ch stereo ANALOG OUTS from Oppo BD83SE via a set of Analog interconnects to an (Unprocessed) 2-ch stereo input on the Anthem D1 - which (I assume) in turn feeds (internally) to a 2-ch stereo ANA...