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Cincinnati, OH, any audiophiles?
Audible Elegance in Montgomery Ohio 
Cincinnati, OH, any audiophiles?
It works 
nakamichi pa5 or 7
PER TONE PUBLICATIONS - Introduced in 1988, the PA-7 retailed for $1,595, a bargain compared to the Threshold S-350e that cost twice as much and sported a rated power output of only 150 watts per channel. Nakamichi¬ís scale of manufacturing made it... 
Cincinnati, OH, any audiophiles?
Went by Audible Elegance. Wilson's were great. Great electronics pushing them. 
Wadia iTransport problem
I have been thinking about purchasing one, but thats got me thinking. What did you guys do or are doing 
nakamichi pa5 or 7
The first series of the Nakamichi PA7 in my opinion is the best. It is a Threshold in a Nakamichi box. Nakamichi got sued by Threshold because Nak did not change anything inside of the amp. Nak just dublicated the Threshold. Hence, the second mode... 
Proac 1SC and Mark Levinson No. 27-good match?
The Levinson No. 27 was reviewed by Stereophile. This is when Stereophile was a smaller magazine. Larry Greenhill is Stereophile's guy for the 100 watt Levinson gear. Maybe you can email him at Stereophile magazine. Hope this helps.Wiley 
Question on a Levinson 27.5 amp
I think you will be just fine.I have one also. Wiley