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Any dual mono phono stage or pre using 6DJ8 tubes?
Rogue Audio "66" and "99". Maybe some of their newer stuff too. In your price range new/used. 
Best integrated for B&W 704 and Rega Apollo
Creek or Naim both make lovely british amps that your B&W's will love. Great low volume sound. I love my Brystons, but a little old Creek integrated replaced it. It has a juicy rythym and pace that my Bryston never had. 
Looking for a non-powered sub
I currently use a Canton passive sub for my centre channel. It's push-pull thing that sounds wonderful. Beutifully built inside with its own crossover. 
Need feedback from Bryston amp owners
It has fuses, it doesn't have protection circuitry like my mid-fi stuff. There is no click off, click on. You have to do something pretty bad to stop it from working. There are fuses at the back AND inside. Didn't know that until she blew and I'm ... 
Need feedback from Bryston amp owners
Bob's right. FYI If you run any Bryston at clipping, your already deaf. Strong, dead quiet, flat response, tells the truth on the input side or the output side. Low impedance issues? Bryston has answers for that i.e. 7B in low imp. mode. My 3B ST ... 
cd player to match Bryston B60 integrated
A Sony XA20ES/777ES, with Element or Bryston cables. 
How much oomph does the Bryston B60 have?
I've run a 3b st and a 4b st with many different speakers.Pmc's are my reference but....I loved Boston Acoustic VR-M 60, not 50's 80's or 90's. Great voice, highs, bass (for their size} Great looks and imaging.