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Upgrading of Minimus 7's
Hi Bobcat1950, do you have a link to the crossover you purchased? Got a set of metal m7’s for my wife’s studio that could use some tlc  
Review: Audio Research Ref-3 Tube preamp
Rhyno - What output caps are in the unit you have? Are they original?Great review BTY! 
Reference 3a - old brochure + Reference 2008
Hi, I just bought a pair of Reference 3a serie master v1 and to my dismay they have been modified. Some one changed the caps and resistors on the tweeter. I need to take them back to stock. Does anyone here know what value the caps and resistors o... 
DIY power cord / cords - really good
BruceI'm dying to know how your cords are made (specifically) and even more curious about the steel shot...where on earth does that go? 
Gallo 3.1.....mapleshade or brightstar stands?
Dopogue...did you hear the Gallos on Bright Stars? I agree the Mapleshades look a lot better but aesthetics aren't as important as sound or $$$? 
Gallo 3.1 sounds slow and veiled...why?
I have now listened to the Gallos (powered from Anthem) compared to the Paradigms...both using the Benchmark DAC 1 as source and pre. The Gallos sound better but still not on par with the Paradigm Active 40's. The Gallos are perhaps a little more ... 
Gallo 3.1 sounds slow and veiled...why?
Alright folks...here's some new info.A friend came by to audition the Gallos in question and agreed that the Paradigms were far more transparent and 'alive'. We were mystified as the difference shouldn't have been so great...regardless of wires. N... 
Gallo 3.1 sounds slow and veiled...why?
I pulled the Gallos out into the room and I gave the Unico a day to warm up....it sounds better...especially on treble heavy music like harp (Vollenweider)...the spacial effects gave me goose bumps but the system still sounds veiled in comparison ... 
HELP high pitch whistle from tube amp
I will try all of the inputs and the outputs before I pop the top...I'll keep you posted. Much Thanks...Neil 
Monitor Audio GR10's? Dynaudio 52SE?
First question...on the SE version. Yes if you have the electronics and set-up to appreciate the difference. The SE does make improvements but only noticable in a side by side comparison with very good gear behind them.....the non SE are still awe...