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Success Rolling Opamps in EE Minimax DAC
I started to post earlier, realized I didn't have time, so I will finish now (can I finish? can I finish? can I finish?)The following is a klutz’s description of modding the Eastern Electric Minimax DAC via Doug’s recommended op-amp rolling:I had ... 
Success Rolling Opamps in EE Minimax DAC
My hour of darkness is finally over. I have finished my modification of the EE Minimax DAC. 
Best used DAC around $500
Gots to second the EE MiniMax. This thing is the bomb! One swinging little unit with lots of rhythmic drive. Me like. 
Cord with C7 connector or IEC-C7 adaptor instead?
I have an adapter and have used standard IEC cables on dvd and compact disc players via the adapter. But I didn't like the way the cord would sometimes disconnect from the adapter if I moved the gear around on a shelf, thought I might possibly be ... 
New CD player or DAC?
I took advantage of the Amazon offer. I purchased the 1800 for $79.00 and I couldn't be happier with it, especially given the price I paid. Sometimes I listen to it using an outboard DAC and sometimes I listen using the players own DACS (4 Burr Br...