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Is Anyone Using The Oppo 105 As A Preamp?
I think the Oppo BDP-105 is better without a preamp. Another component out of the signal should be better, no? My McIntosh C2300 is my pride and joy, but it is used only for vinyl now as the Oppo BDP-105 runs with XLR's directly into Classe' CA-10... 
McIntosh C2300 Power Cord Recommendation
I use Verastarr Grand Illusion Power Cord, and it makes a HUGE difference. Any non-believer is welcome to audition, but that would defeat their belief system. Power Cord companies offer money back guarantee, so go ahead and try. My C2300 and yours... 
EH vs gold lion kt88
I found the GL bettered the EH sound wise but EH and Shuguang lasted longer. The Shuguang Treasure series is in another league altogether, a must if the budget allows! 
battery powered tube phonostage kit?
Check out Ray Samuels F-117 Nighthawk. So easy to tweak on the fly, it isn't leaving my setup, I am finished looking for phono pre.