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Need DAC/Streaming Advice
I loved the sound of the Bluesound system but I found the app and the controls to be so clunky, they kept freezing up and locking with the music on so you would have to reboot the ipad.  It was so bad I returned it.  That was in June, I've heard t... 
Using two small bookshelf speakers as a center channel
Thanks E, My Denon is the AVR 2400H so not as beefy as yours but good to go.  I love the idea of two smalls for centers on the outside of the TV.  For me, my fronts are too far away to try and use 2.1.  Its just not to my liking.  Which Paradigms ... 
Using two small bookshelf speakers as a center channel
I'm not worried about the resistance to the amp, she will support 4 ohm.  Electrically I am sound.  Yes, these would be one channel, center.  Fronts are KEFR700's and run well.  I just wouldn't want to use them as phantom.  May as well run 2.1   I... 
Used Market Savings vs. The Dealer Experience
I liken it to the car analogy.  I can't afford new stuff in the price range of the used.  A few year old Porsche is better than a new Ford.