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Anyone heard Jamo R909 dipole speakers?
I own Jamo R909 last 4 years and I try them with lot of different electronic and compare with other speakers in same room. I use to own B&W N802 and when I change listening room unfortunately most speakers interact badly in bas region. I even ... 
is my room small for a pair of B&W 802's
I use to live in 16m2 listening room with N802. No problem with bas and better overall balance then my current 35m2 listening room. After four years I change N802 with 803D and make mistake. Found Pass X250.5 great with B&W. 
Revel Ultima Studio 2 vs B&W N802D
I heard original Studio in same room with Sophia 2 and Revel sounded tonally more correct. 
Revel Ultima Studio 2 vs B&W N802D
I can't believe nobody had chance to hear this probably two best hi-end value speakers side by side? 
803D or 802D
I used to have 802N and replaced them with 803D. I like diamond tweeter, but speakers sound shut-in in presence zone, where old 802N was linear. I'm thinking to buy 802D, but I’m afraid of same problem? 
Best subwoofer?
I integrated DD-18 with my B&W N802. Room problem was at 46 and 63Hz, so no other subwoofer will provide such precise equalizing as Velodyne. Only problem with DD is 1/3okt measurement, but I done it with other 1/24okt software. Anyway, it too... 
Signal cable for DD-18?
Hi Meril!Did you try experiment with other signal cable or power cords? 
B&W Signature Diamond : Anyboy heard them?
I listen them hook up on Classe electronic. They are better balanced than rest of Diamond series, probably because tweeter in N800/1/2 doesn’t have enough sensitivity to be balanced flat till 20kH. Here situation is different and small speaker is ... 
N802 + Velodyne DD-18???
I actually planning to build new box for DD-18. Goal is to look like hi-fi stand (invisible) with down-firing base driver, like Rel. 
N802 + Velodyne DD-18???
Thanks guys, but I also tried different amps, Behringer digital EQ and Copland room correlator. This equipment improves amplitude, but in same time you have problems with distortion, handling, not to mention converters who are responsible for all ... 
N802 + Velodyne DD-18???
My room is 15x21ft and my sweet spot is 11ft from speakers which are 9ft apart and 3ft from front wall. I have some bad modes on listening position ([email protected] / [email protected]) and other frequencies are pretty flat down to 25Hz. Yes, I tried move spea...