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Acurus Act-3 volume level
Thanks for your reply.I was just curious if there was an issue with my unit or if all Act-3 owners have the same experience.I don't think the Act-3 has adjustable input gain.Thanks again. 
SVS subs for music?
Thanks for all of the input.Looks like I may be leaning towards the SVS or the HSU, but I'm not sure yet. 
strange sound
I tried it manually and it does the same thing.It is not a tube amp.Thanks for the input. 
strange sound
Thanks again for your help.The sound does bother me but not enough to spend a lot of money to fix it.I do follow the same power up / power down procedure as you described. Actually my Panamax surge suppressor does it automatically for me. It has t... 
strange sound
Thanks for your response.Do I have to have the capacitors replaced to get rid of the problem?Will leaving it alone cause any damage to the amp or my speakers?Thanks again. 
Sub recommendations for HT
Thanks for the input.I have been looking at Velodyne ans Sunfire in the used market, but have not made a decision yet. 
discontinued B&W CM series
I think I am going to stay with the CM4s. I really liked how they sounded despite some of the reviews that I read. I like the brighter upper end and the bottom was on par with the DM604s even with one less mid driver.I actually like the styling of... 
discontinued B&W CM series
Any recommendations for a speaker pair in the $1000 - $1500 range?Thanks. 
discontinued B&W CM series
I thought they sounded great and looked even better. I liked them better than the DM604 S3. I had a pair on order, but now I'm reconsidering due to the fact that in the future when I am ready to buy the center and surrounds I won't be able to get ... 
def tech bp2004 or b&w dm604 for home theater?
Thanks for the input. I am concerned that I will not be able to place them far enough away from the back wall. I have heard the 2004's in several different rooms and they have sounded completely different in each, so I guess I'll never know until ... 
which amp for definitive technology bp2006?
Thanks for your response. I actually just won an Acurus A250 on Ebay for $350. We'll see how it sounds.Thanks.