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Sonus Faber Guaneri Homage or Extremas?
As a former Extrema owner i secound what both Ryder and Daveyf say Both opinions and taste are different. For me though the GH does it 
Ktema speakers 
sonus faber GH with Sub vs Amat Homage
Hi ChrisNo I have never heard Electa Amator 2. I have owned the Guarneries and Extremas, but i will for sure look at EA II.. 
Review: Harmonic Precision Caravelle Speaker
Hi there I Know this is old pics , but i wonder if you still have and still are in liking of these Caravelleskind regards 
sonus faber GH with Sub vs Amat Homage
Thank you so much for your respons.It is also my experiens that small speaker most of the time does a better job in my rather small room.but i wonder if the overall sound is simular between GH and Amatis. I still feel to this day that Guarneries d... 
need amplification help for sonus faber amati
I would consider Unison Research Mystery as a good match for SF 
Isophon Cassiano or what?
hi spereI would never suggest niether gamut or system audio as ther sound never did anything for me , have heard both at several occations . Have never heard Neeper so i couldent tell about them 
Isophon Cassiano or what?
Thank you very much for your help& opinion Branimir . I am looking foreward to do some serious listening myself before making my choiceregards 
Isophon Cassiano or what?
What about the smaller Avalin ascendent2 compared to the cassiano Diamond ? It should also be a great "small" speaker . They are the same pricerange here in dk ! 
Isophon Cassiano or what?
I know you are right Gregm ,and the speakers sound different from person to person, but if Branimir knows both speakers well, maybe he could point out what the difference is . Maybe I could live happely ever after with the Isophon, and better the ... 
Isophon Cassiano or what?
maybe i should add the pricedifference in DenmarkIsophon Cassiano 22k dollarAvalon Indra 35k dollarare the Avalons worth this pricedifference 
Isophon Cassiano or what?
Thank you very much for your replies. I agree with you Branimir in your aspects of the Guarneri not being allrounder... but I think it is rather good in some areasThe Fremont dosent appeal to me with the way it looks, Gryphon Atlantis looks great,... 
Amati homage with NO334
Thank you very much for advice and thoughts.I will consider What to do and have your thoughts in mind. Dont know if im into tube... but i will definetly give it another try. Just recently heard Audio Aero/Capitole Audia Flight PRE Rogue Audio/ Zeu... 
B&W Signature 805 vs 802 D???
I heard the 805 signature at a dealer , and they didnt comeanywhere near the Sonus Faber Extrema i had at the time. Sure it is in another pricerange, so there should be a difference. HoweverI recently audioned The 802 Diamonds at the same dealer. ... 
BEST match for B&W Natilus 802s
I would go with the Chord SPM1200E .. ..both Abbey road and George Lucas cant be that wrong, mixing 802n with chord . But its a bit expensive though