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What companies, out of Business, did you LOVE???
Apogee Acoustics 
Dipole/bipole or direct radiating
I have all Apogees in my Home theater system. Check my systemEvelyn 
B&K vs Adcom – opinions please
I have Apogee Centaur Major and for many years used them with Adcom GFA-565 monoblock in bi-wire configuration and 565 preamp. These combo worked very well and I was happy. Then I changed amps for Classe DR 10. The sound completely different - war... 
Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
I have Apogee Centaur Major for the last 14 years. I would admit that after I listen Schntillas I fallen in love with Apogees, but at the time could not afford them, including very demanding amplifiers, so I settled for my speakers. I would not ch... 
Dedicated stereo to HT--advice?
To Bazmataz. I am not talking about Lexicon latest models. But you can buy Lexicon CP-3THX and add something like Technics for AC3/DTS and have it all. Evelyn 
Dedicated stereo to HT--advice?
Welcome to the consolidation world. For the last few years it is exactly what I try to do. The Big question is how to put together whithout big compromise in sound Music/Home Theater all around system? Reasonably. I had a modest system with Apogee... 
Speakers: all-time favorite
For me it is only Apogee. For the last 11 years I enjoy my Apogee Centaur Major as a front speakers. They are great for my wide range of music starting from classical piano or violin to Pink Floyd and Steve Ray Voughn. Placido Domingo or Ella Fitz...