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mm dicapo speakers amps tube or solid
I have owned the Decapo i's... great speaker. I have also owned Bryston amplifiers (they are great with Magnepan speakers, and are good value).My suggestion is to try a Cary SLI80 Signature Integrated Tube amplifier with the Decapo's... if you wan... 
Please help with room setup... thanks
I forgot to list the speakers. They are the Sonus Faber Cremona Amators. (Two way monitors). 
Levinson 39 vs. Cary 306/200
I went from a CAry 303/200 to the 306/200 to the EMC1 Mk2 to the Memphisto 2 to the ML 390S. Each was a set up in musicality and I could not be happier with the 390S. It let me sell my Hovland (a great pre-amp) and get better sound directly into m... 
Can anyone help me to decide which pre-amp is better ?
You missed the best one.. Joule Electra LA100.Rob 
EMC-1 vs. Levinson 360s/Sony SCD-1
Over the last 9 months I have had EMC1, SCD1, and the new Meridian 588. Each had their strengths but were in the same ballpark. I now switched to a Cary 306 and this is really in a different league. The Vocals, piano, just about everythingsounds m... 
Amplifier for ProAc response 2.5
I almost bought the Proac 2.5 but after alot of auditioning I wanted a more full range speaker so I decided to go one step up to the 3.8's. I am driving them with VAC gear and I get outstanding sound. I am using the VAC standard preamp and the PA1... 
I have returned to the Eros. Over the past year I have had.. Magnepan 3.6, Martin logan ReQuest, Dunlavy Aletha, Infinity Prelude MTS.... but the only speaker that makes the hair on your head stand up with realism and has outstanding base is the E...