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Which amplifier should i buy
Get a Mac. It's an investment. My 1974 ma6100 has been in continuous operation to this day and has never been serviced.  
Two defective pieces in a row - unreasonable to demand refund?
Get a 3rd unit. This is totally unlike McIntosh. I've had an MA6100 I bought in 1976.  It will still outperform anything that Japan can put out today in its class. It's been in constant use since the day I took it home. Do this day, IT'S NEVER BEE... 
McIntosh - is it that great?
As a professional musician, I can tell you without a doubt that there is nothing like owning a Mac. I bought an MA 6100 in 1976. I still have it to this day. It still outperforms anything produced from over seas in its class. I'm constantly offere...