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Whats playing on your system today?
Johnny Marr, "Adrenalin Baby." It's a good, not great, live recording but the performance is thrilling. I saw the show and I'm just as amped listening to this as I was when I was there. 
Do 180g vinyls sound better or is it a myth ?
180s don't always sound better, but I've got several that replaced some VERY worn albums from high school that popped like a pan of bacon. Cases in point were the Led Zeppelin reissues, Quadrophenia and Stills' Manassas. Jeff Beck "There and Back"... 
Upgrade Linn LP 12 or buy new table
My heartfelt advice to you is DO NOT part with your Linn!┬áThere are several excellent turntables mentioned on this thread that I could certainly live with, but transitioning to one of them would cut into buying new records.Cons: Linn's gotten a li...