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JM Lab Utopia Sub
I have recently traded in Aerial 7B's with two Vandersteen 2W subs. While the subs filled in the lower regions, their greatest benefit was that it permitted more power to go to the 7B's and, boy, did they open up! Much more dynamic and lively. I c... 
Adding a Second Sub
I started my first system with Aerial 7's...added one Vandersteen, what a change! BUT, the most noticeable change was not in the bass range, but how the 7's opened up and became more dynamic. Subsequently, I added another 2W, and BAM, onc... 
Rowland Model 10 or Levinson 335
To my ear, Levinson and Revel tend to be a bit too might find the Rowland a bit more musical and natural ( I own and love my Rowland Mod.2...the Rowland line is very special)