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Responses from rilands

The best speaker you ever heard?
WIlson Audio Sophia's 
Furman Reference IT 15i power conditioner
I have the Furman IT 15i power conditioner. On the forum I visit everyone has gone nuts on the Power Plant Premier. I even bought one.Honestly, I can't tell any difference in the sound or picture using either. I use both but prefer the looks of th... 
Album which you have listened to most?
Neil young -Harvest 
Survey-What is your most used source?
Mcintosh MS300 Music Server - It's great. I never have to leave my chair to change a cd, lp, etc. My whole music collection in the palm of my hand. The best invention in my era. That's my opinion anyway....... 
FM Reception -Car Antenna vs. Home Antenna
I have one of those 4 ft. monster poles that plug into an ac outlet. I've put it out in the garage on the ceiling.My Mcintsh is the MR85.For the price of this tuner, you'd expect better reception than your car. Or at least I do.A lot of people do ...