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Krell HTS 7.1 Problem
I have some quirky issues every once and a while with my S-1000 processor. Sometimes when switching between DD5.1 and DD PLII + Surround, the Center channel becomes the rear left, the rear left becomes the center, the RR becomes the Sub, the L, R ... 
What amp should I use for the B&W htm2d and scm?
I was using a Krell KAV-3250, sounded great... Unfortunately it broke, and shipped off to repair. To tide me over, I picked up a Rotel RMB-1066, bridged to 150 WPC... To be totally honest, it sounds great too... Is the Krell sound better yes. Does... 
803D or 802D
i thought 802ds were only offered in cherry (light), rosenut or black. 
white noise from tweeters
totally normal. they all do it. no amplifier is totally silent. If it was a slight hum, or buzz, i would say something is wrong, but a hiss/white-noise sound is fine. 
Krell HTS 7.1 vs. Showcase
Had the showcase, recently upgraded to the s-1000. I would love to lie, but there is a significant difference. Whether it was worth more than double the price... not sure...I listen mostly two-channel, the surround on the s-1000 is MUCH better. 
B&W 802D vs. Sophia and
Not sure if you made your decision yet - but I was in the same boat and went through a similair process. I was dead set on the Sophias, but after going back and forth between the two I ended up with the 802D, and have never regretted it. The Sophi... 
Reccomendations for 802D's?
congratulations... i found the 802ds are VERY sensitive to placement... really chane sound. but with that, it will depend on the room.