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If you could, what live performances would you enjoy re-living?
Leonard Cohen, Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA.  Incredible performance A true musical genious, consummate gentleman, energy of someone half his age. Sadly we will never be gifted with a Cohen performance again. 
What other hobby...
Maintaining a koi pond, keeping a 1980 Triumph TR8 on the road, and all things canine 
What are the sexiest components ever made?
Always admired the Empire 498 and 598. Gorgeous! 
Most annoying song, period.
Kinda cheating here - sorry, but can't resist a 4 part reply. Paul McCartney - "Wonderful Christmas Time", "Yes I'm Ready" by Barbara Mason, and ANYTHING by Taylor Swift or Rascal Flatts. 
Ceiling fan in listening room?
Thanks for the comment. My major concern has been interference, or "chop", so am encouraged to know that may not be a problem. Plan to install next month, so will update afterward. 
Ceiling fan in listening room?
Thanks for the information and suggestions. I am intrigued with the idea of 2 fans on opposite ends of the room. Novel idea, and just may be the preferred solution. Thanks again! 
Ceiling fan in listening room?
Thanks for the inputs! I expect that I will try a fan to see how that works out. Seems the "least painful" first step. I'll post further comment after the installation.