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Modern DAC Replacement for a Sonic Frontiers SFD-1mkii
Well that didn't take long. The Auralic Vega has found a home here. All the sweetness I was looking for, but with precision. It also digests everything you throw at it, so that's nice since it'll be playing from my htpc most of the time. I purpose... 
Modern DAC Replacement for a Sonic Frontiers SFD-1mkii
As I was typing that, looks like a local shop has a used Auralic Vega that I'll be demo'ing here. I'll update with my DAC journey.  
Subwoofer recommendation
http://www.rythmikaudio.com/L12.htmlI'd try one of those.  
Retired Maggie MG it's and they soundcdelaminated
I've redone a few Maggies. Since the socks are off, can you locate exactly where the rattle is? My method was to reglue, let dry, then hook up with the socks off. Play some music for an hour or so, just to make sure nothing sounded "off". Next, wh... 
Has Rel fallen out of favor with audiophiles?
I ventured into the Rythmik DIY sub. Went with the DS1501 kit with the DIY Sound Group Flatpack. Total cost, I’m in around $850 total, including all materials and some very high quality curly maple veneer to match my Meadowlark Nighthawks. I’m add... 
Columbus, Indiana here!  
Meadowlark Nighthawks
OK, just to close this out for anyone in the future who needs help....since finding information on Nighthawks is about near impossible due to the start of their production and the untimely closing of Meadowlark.My Nighthawks came from Craigslist. ... 
Meadowlark Nighthawks
OK, here’s what I’ve got so far, so maybe someone can make a recommendation. I believe the OE woofer is a Vifa Premium Line model PL18WO09-08. Its an 8ohm woofer, with a 5.8 ohm resistance at static. This is exactly what i measured off one out of ... 
Meadowlark Nighthawks
After some research, it appears these are Vifi Premium Line 7" woofers. There are 8ohm and 4 ohm versions, both of which appear to be sporatically available. I'm not sure which one is in these speakers, so i'll pull the damaged one when I get it a... 
Meadowlark Nighthawks
It appears the stock driver is a Vifa, but is no longer aviailable. I’m researching right now, as I am picking up a pair that had a hole in the dust cover. I suppose i could just repair the dust cover, but ideally i’d replace the whole driver.Anyo... 
floor standing speakers with powered woofer
Few of the Mirage OM series were powered. Mirage OM-6, 8, and OM-5 (which I own). I believe one or two of the M-series did as well..possibly M-990?