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better gear, worse recordings
Roxy Music's Avalon is the perfect example of this phenomenon for me. I have loved the music on this recording since I first heard it when originally released. As I began to improve my systems over the years however, it quickly became apparent tha... 
How does MIT vary the impedance of their cables?
Pops, I would drop MIT a line and ask them about the problem. I have corresponded with them on several occasions and have always gotten very informative replies. Good luck.Paul. 
Who does repairs on Audiolab 8000T?
Hi Greg, This was the Audiolab rep for North America and I'm sure they can refer you to a repair centre. www.artech-electronics.comGood luck.Paul. 
How does MIT vary the impedance of their cables?
Thanks for the info so far guys. I didn't know that the circuits would be potted, but it shouldn't surprise me as it's common practice for any cable mounted circuitry in other non audio applications. The reason that it's done is to protect the cir... 
Your 5 Fav Rock Concerts
Steely Dan, Beau Dommage, Eagles, Queen (with Thin Lissy), Beach Boys(fun).Steely Dan outdoors at Saratoga, Two Against Nature tour, Dan fan nirvana! Beau Dommage Dix Ans Plus Tard tour at the Montreal Forum. The Eagles Hell Freezes Over tour, wit... 
New gears?
I like 3:55's with a T5, but with an AOD... 
I've become a Steely Dan junky . . . . .
Check out their web site Below the glossy well wrought surface, it's an evil sardonic place dripping with contempt for the world and their ever loyal fan base. It's just like one of their songs, it's great! PS Saw them live outdo... 
CD player cleaning.
Thanks Elizabeth, I'll put the Simple Green and steel wool away.Paul. 
Jazz Recommendations
A nice approachable recent release that I found easy to warm up to, is Terence Blanchard's "Let's Get Lost". It features a variety of popular female vocalist singing Jimmy McHugh standards. Blanchard's playing is nice and tight and it's sonically ... 
MIT 330E extended plus terminator questions???
Thanks for the info Glen.Paul. 
Is my dealer lying to me?
I spent the better part of a Saturday afternoon auditioning the D500ES vs a used Acurus ACD11 in a local stereo shop. The system that we used was worth about $4K retail. My enthusiast (but not audiophile) ears found a substantial difference betwee... 
Are Linn black interconnects any good?
Thanks for the info guys.Paul 
Are Linn black interconnects any good?
Thanks, I had read that review but found it a bit unclear. Any other input would be appreciated. Paul. 
Audiolab questions??
Check out this site, it should help.