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Mark Levinson 26 or 26S Circuit Diagrams
Thanks very much for the information - greatly appreciatedI am just waiting for my diyaudio account to be registered and I will then download the images 
dbx 14/10 Graphic Equaliser Question: Stored Memory Curves
Polk432 thanks for the swift feedback.I have now put a new battery in place - quite a job given as I had to remove both circuit boards in order to de-solder the original battery.The 14/10 is now saving the curves okay.Many thanks,Paul. 
Speaker Cable for Krell and Kef Loudspeakers
I tried Kimber 8TC with the Krell and Kef's but this combination did not seem to work very well. Even the wife admitted that the system sounded completely different but not in a good way.In the end I managed to get some 25 feet Transparent Ultra B... 
Speaker Cable for Krell and Kef Loudspeakers
Thanks for all the feedback. 
Mark Levinson No 25S: still holds its own?
Thanks for the response.I "took a chance" and did buy the 25S and power supply.I have not compared it to other phono amps but I have been amazed by the difference it has made to my system. It has taken the vinyl playback into a different league.Paul. 
Upgrade from Krell FPB 600 to Krell FPB 400 cx???
Hi,Thanks for the swift responses.I had considered upgrading the 600 to CAST but as I live in the UK the upgrade cost is fairly excessive - not really a valid option.Paul.