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Contrasting KEF reference fives vs proac k6 vs Dynaudio floorstanders
No is pmc the brand name and do they have Atlanta demo room? 
Looking for a good full range floor stander
Good question.  I am happy with the golden ears but have to give too much information for you all to understand.  I am 61 and my wife is 63.  We are blessed (and cursed) with two adult children and two grand children living  with us.  The home the... 
Looking for a good full range floor stander
I would agree that personal audition is the best but I am 300 miles from anybody that has any of these speakers at best and most are in Other states.  I do appreciate all the suggestions and i will continue  to research recommendations before i comit 
Used vs New vs Vintage vs Floorstanding vs Bookshelf vs ..... OMG!
I am in a similar position.  I am 60 years old and setting up a quiet sitting room for my wife and I to get away from two adult children and two grandchildren.  Love them but can't get rid of them.  I have a bryston system with a 14b cubed amp so ... 
rebuilding after a fire
Thanks to all.  I managed to pickup a new ps audio10 power regenerator cheep since they put out the ps 20.  I have to say it cleaned up some stuff too.  Looking into all the amps and curious.  I have seen some talk that the bigger amps are not fon... 
rebuilding after a fire
Looking to have a really good two channel using the Triton Ones for my music but still allowing the kids to use the mains and surrounds for home theater.  This is why I thought about bigger cleaner power for the mains and stick with the Sunfire am...