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Your favourite music movie?
Jesus Christ SuperstarMy Fair LadyFrozen (come at me)The Good the Bad and the UglyDancing in the RainGuys and Dolls 
Speakers under $50k that rival $200k+ speakers?
If I were trying to beat 200k speakers with 50k I would spend 30k on speakers and the rest building a proper well treated listening room. To paraphrase Jesus: Why are you worried about the splinter in your speakers eyes and ignoring the beam in yo... 
What equipment have you bought this year so far ?
Goto compression drivers. Getting my Goto compression drivers serviced. horns for my Goto compression driver. in about three years I’ll have spent enough money to actually listen to them. 😂 😂 😂  
How many audiophiles do you need to change a lightbulb?
True luminophiles use candles. 
Quiet Enjoyment: right of audiophiles neighbors to NOT be annoyed
That's why god invented headphones. 
Recommendation on power amp
I'mma just highjack this thread for my own question:I have a 1980s class A solid state amp by Technics (SE-A3). I haven't spent the money getting it checked out yet so I haven't heard it. Can anyone give me a guess of how it will sound? 
Will Technology Kill the Audiophile Hobby?
with CRISPR-CAS9 and what not, they'll have hopefully cured aging before I die. I think if I end up living to 1000 that I would still get a kick out of listening to my system (assuming it lasts that long). By that point it would be more of a relic... 
The truth about why modern music is so awful.
@cd318If only there was some way to make audiophiles look cool and sexyDon’t worry, I’m on it. 
Any avantgarde acoustic owners?
@acresverde Thanks for the encouragement. I'm still in the component buying phase of things. I'm going to start setting everything up in about a year in Virginia. If you're ever in that neck of the woods I'd be happy to have you over. I'm a bit of... 
High resolution digital is dead. The best DAC's killed it.
So what's the general consensus on the Schiit Yggdrasil these days? Any recommendations in a similar price? 
Any avantgarde acoustic owners?
@acresverde Thanks for taking the time to write all that. I'm setting up a horn based system around some Gotos. I need to hear stories like yours to stay motivated. 
What area or country do you live in ?
I'm in the Navy. At the moment I'm based in Japan. Japan has these interesting stores called "hard-off" which always seem to have rare and esoteric hi-fi equipment. I got a Technics SE-A3 amplifier and 3 way set of Goto Unit horn drivers for very ... 
Goto Unit
@audiokinesis Thanks Duke. I'll definitly consider taking John on for help. I probably won't be in a position to start putting everything together for a year or so though. Here's the story, I'm in the US Navy and stationed in Japan. I've been want... 
Goto Unit
@johnk  I have sg505 DX drivers that go down to 200 hz. I'd rather not go with a horn for sub duty though since I don't want this rig to take up the whole room. Any suggestions for a sub driver? 
Goto Unit
Hey johnk,You’re right, this is kind of a new hobby for me. I think I have a fair idea of how to go about it though. It will be a passive system so for time alignment I was just going to position the horns at the same plane. I was going to have th...