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Bent Silver TX102 compared to Placette RVC
Thank you kindly! I'll look for the posting. 
Bent Silver TX102 compared to Placette RVC
After reading some threads on the Placette RVC I am considering a purchase. I called and talked with the people at Placette and they advised me that there was no need to use a balanced RVC despite the fact that my system is fully balanced. I am cu... 
Plinius 8200 MkII -- best integrated ss amp?
I have owned the Jeff Rowland Concentra II and the Mark Levinson 383 of those mentioned - I downsized from a system that included the Utopias.I never really cared for the Levinson sound in general BUT let me say that the Levinson 383 was the very ... 
Kora Amps
I had the top of the line Kora pre and monoblock although I only had them for a short time so I can't comment on reliability issue. I too bought from Steve Davis at HiFi Farm. Briefly, I can only second what Jadem6 posted about Steve. There is nob...